I. programme pro‧gramme 1 [ˈprəʊgræm ǁ ˈproʊ-] , program noun [countable]
1. an important plan that will be continued over a period of time:

• The airline is halfway through an expansion programme.

• The commission is in favour of the auto investment programs.

2. a television or radio show:

• the main satellite used to broadcast programmes into Latin America

  [m0] II. programme programme 2 , program verb programmed PTandPPX programming PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. to set a machine to work in a particular way:

• The system can be programmed to shut off the engine or stop it from restarting once the car is parked.

2. to arrange for something to happen as part of a series of planned events or activities:

• Cable TV operators generally agree that a well-programmed comedy network is an attractive asset.

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programme UK US /ˈprəʊgræm/ noun [C] UK (US program)
GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT an officially organized system of services, activities, or opportunities that help people achieve something: »

There is no graduate training programme for new recruits.

a programme to do sth »

Housing Market Renewal is a programme to deal with low demand in housing areas.


a building/development/research programme


build/develop/finance a programme


launch/carry out/initiate a programme

COMMUNICATIONS a broadcast on television or radio: watch/see a programme »

Did you see that new programme last night?

a television/TV/radio programme »

There aren't too many TV programmes worth watching right now.

a news/reality/history programme »

We listened to a news programme on the BBC World Service.

broadcast/show a programme (about sth) »

They're always showing programmes about nasty people doing nasty things to each other.

a programme on sth »

We listened to a new programme on Radio 4.

a planned series of related events or activities: »

A programme of meetings has been planned for October and November.


organize/set up/plan a programme

Compare PROGRAM(Cf. ↑program)
See also CHANGE PROGRAMME(Cf. ↑change programme), EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME(Cf. ↑employee assistance programme), EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAMME(Cf. ↑employee referral programme)
programme UK US /ˈprəʊgræm/ verb [T]
to plan for activities to be done or things to be achieved: be programmed for sth »

This project is programmed for completion in April.

to write a series of instructions, using a computer language, to create or run a computer program: programme sth to do sth »

Computers have been programmed to unlock apartment doors or slow trains in the event of an earthquake.

IT to use a piece of software to give instructions to a computer or piece of electronic equipment to make it perform one of a range of tasks: programme sth to do sth »

You can programme the DVD player to switch itself off.

Compare PROGRAM(Cf. ↑program)

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